Thursday, November 14, 2019

Rick Goss


Thomas Jefferson High School
Brookhaven College, Business Law and Economics
University of Texas, Public Administration and Marketing
Le Tourneau University, Business Management


Martial Arts Experience:

6th degree in American Karate and Kickboxing Association
5th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu San Soo
3rd Degree Black Belt In Tae Kwon Do
2nd Degree Black Belt in Wado Ryu Ju Jitsu
2nd Degree Black Belt in Chinese / Korean Mixed Weaponry
2nd Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kung Fu
2nd Degree Black Belt in Chin-na / Hapkido
Black Belt in Machado BJJ
Currently training with Former Iranian National Team Wrestling Coaches Yousef, Mohson, and Javad Mohamed



Jiu Jitsu
Tae Kwon Do
Okinawan Karate
Extensive training in various styles of Chinese, Korean,
Japanese, Philipino, Indonesian, Russian, African and South American Martial Arts.